We are and we aren't a bank like every other bank. We have no choice but obey by the same laws and rules the 1% has created to suit themselves. As a result, we do almost everything exactly the same as all the other banks, except for one significant difference. We only finance and support projects that are good for the 99% and none that only benefit the 1%.

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Imagine how much money you would have left in your pocket at the end of the month if you didn't have to pay for electricity, gas and fuel. There is no reason why electricity, heating and transport fuel can't and shouldn't be free like wind, rain and sun. That is why "free energy" projects are our first priority.

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We will finance any kind of project that is beneficial for the 99%. However as a socially responsible bank we can do even more. We will use our profits to sponsor individuals, organisations and projects that help reducing the control of the 1% over what the 99% know, believe and think.

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There is no way around it, money rules the world. We will use the profits from the Rebel Bank to shape law and politics to the sole benefit of the 99%. We will buy back politicians, officials, judges, academics and media people by giving them an opportunity to reconcile their economic interests with their sense of what's right or wrong.

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Our Team and Culture

All our decisions are guided by how to best serve the interests of the 99%. To us that means recruiting the best suited candidate from the very community we serve. It also means only hiring highly ethical people who treat customers and colleagues, in fact everyone, exactly the way they would like to be treated if they were them.


We are enthusiastic. There is nothing more inspiring and energizing for us than doing what is best for the 99%.


We are creative. For the 99% to free itself from the tyranny of the 1% we have to work smarter than them.


We are totally committed. We know how much is at stake, not just for us here and now, but for generations to come.

Your next career move?

In our office, opportunities abound with smart and nice people tackling high-impact projects and having fun doing it. If you can help make major impact on your clients, your colleagues and your career, we'd love to hear from you.